Ice Power products

Ice Power Cold Gel

Ice Power is the original cold gel that quickly and effectively relieves pain and inflammation.

Ice Power Magnesium Cream

Ice Power Magnesium Cream - For the wellbeing of muscles

Ice Power Creme

Ice Power Cold Creme is a unique creme with the famous Ice Power cooling effect which relieves pain and does not dry...

Ice Power Kids

Ice Power Kids is especially developed pain relieving cold cream for the children and young.

Ice Power Plus

Ice Power Plus quickly and effectively relieves pain, inflammation and swelling as well as releases excessive muscle...

Ice Power Sport Spray

Ice Power Sport Spray is an effective and long lasting cold gel spray.

Ice Power Arthro Creme

Ice Power Arthro Creme is a unique cold cream for treating various joint problems.

Ice Power Cold / Hot Pack

Ice Power Cold / Hot Pack is easily mouldable and high quality pack.

Ice Power Instant Cold Pack

Ice Power Instant Cold Pack is instantly ready to be used as first aid in sudden injuries to prevent haemorrhage and...

Ice Power Roll

Ice Power Cold Gel is available also non coloured in a handy Roll tube.

Ice Power Cold Spray

Ice Power Cold Spray is strongly cooling emergency care for soft tissue injuries, such as strains and sprains and rup...

Ice Power Hot Warm Gel

Ice Power Hot Warm Gel warms up and relaxes muscles and improves circulation.